My name is Hak Hakonsson.

I am a Rus Viking and it is currently the year 945ad.  I am a Huscarl and Personal Bodyguard to Lord Ormagundra Wulfhar of Clan Wulfhar.

I have fought in many skirmishes and several big battles. My job is to keep my Lord alive and I do this both on and off the battlefield.

I don't enjoy killing people, but I will if they are a threat to my Lord. I wear good armour to protect myself, and can fight with a variety of different weapons. Have a look at the Hak in Action page to read about the equipment I own and watch me fight!
My family are very important to me, I have a sister called Halla, who is 10.  She stays at home and helps with the household safe within the town walls.  I am also very fortunate to be married to a wonderful lady called Svala. We have been married for over a year and a half. Sometimes she joins me on my travels.

I enjoy travelling to meet new people.

Maybe I will be seeing you soon?

Hak Hakonsson