Padded Armour
This is handmade, it took me two weeks to sew together, with over 280metres of thread. My padded armour is used to protect me from crushing blows from axes.


I was given this armour as a gift from my Lord. It protects me from slicing hits from scramaseax's and langseax's. When I wear it over my padded armour, the two work in unison and renders axes, scrams, and spears obsolete. I can still feel the force of the weapons but they can't get through the armour to hurt me.


I am a Rus Viking and we wear slightly different clothes to other Norsemen. I wear a white long sleeve tunic and big baggy trousers. I wear my wealth in the amount of cloth in these trousers. They are made with brown wool and are my fighting trousers, which I don't mind getting dirty on the battle field.


Hand made from a professional shoe maker, these are fantastic boots which are very common in a place called Hedeby. Clan Wulfhar pass through the trading town every now and again and these caught my eye. They have lasted a long time and are very good quality.


I can fight with a variety of weapons. My personal weapons are a 28inch long Danish broadsword, a javelin, a skegg-axe and a scrameseax. I also have a langsseax, a spear, a bow and a Hedge-hook.

I wouldn't take all of these to a fight, but it is sensible in my role as my Lord's bodyguard to have my personal weapons close to hand. It enables me to be flexible in the way I fight, changing my weapons to optimise my chances against an opponent.


My shield is again quite different from the typical Norseman's round shield. Mine is a rectangle which covers myself from shoulder to knee. It is primarily a cavalry shield used when I am on horseback, but it is incredibly effective when I fight on foot as it protects both myself and more importantly my Lord.