On Saturday 14th May 2011, I took part in Hike for the Homeless, a fundraising event hosted by the King's Arms Project.   I walked the 17.5 miles in full Viking battle gear.
As well as wearing authentic replica boots and clothing, I was prepared for battle wearing my padded armour, linkmaille, and helmet. I carried my quarter-staff and personal weapons.
This weighs more than 25kg and normally I only wear it during battles. The longest I have worn it all is during a one and a half hour battle.
All funds raised will go directly to the King's Arms Project who are hosting the event “Hike for the Homeless”. They are an organisation who help people who are homeless in and around Bedford.
The hike took eight and a half hours and was incredibly tough. Over difficult terrain, the weight of the armour, especially the helmet, made the walk much more difficult than I had expected. It became harder and harder to look where to safely place my feet as my neck grew tired.
My boots held together really well, unfortunately my feet suffered quite badly resulting in several major blood blisters. I was able to cope with the pain as I was with Simon and Sandra who stayed with me throughout. 
We met alot of people along the route, there were several double takes and loud expressions of shock from walkers who had not expected to see a Viking! We were able to raise the awareness of the Kings Arms Project and I am incredibly grateful to all those who sponsored me, we raised £200!
A massive thank you to you all!
Finally, I will end in thanking the organisers of the Hike for the Homeless for their support on the day and in the weeks of preparation. Also Orm and Hauk Wulfhar for all their encouragement of my crazy idea and specially Svala for always being here for me.